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Large mall Christmas decorations - Pictures Mall Christmas arrangement Appreciation

  China 's first shopping mall, was introduced in 1979, Guangzhou Friendship Store . With China 's economic development , prosperity , after thirty years of development, China 's major shopping malls in a second-tier cities , people, shopping has become an unusual place . But in recent years , the rise of electricity providers , the mall also had a shock . Shopping centers in the country have complained when shopping abroad does not seem to be greatly affected .
  Especially during the festive season , the foreign mall elegant Christmas decorations , so that people will be shopping from deep inside , as a part of the festival .
But whether it is foreign or domestic, shopping malls, customers are high-end positioning , therefore , the foreign mall Christmas arrangement , often with high-end , air -based. This style , very much in line mall consumer groups . 2012 Christmas decoration is full of elegant , happy atmosphere.
  At the mall entrance , Cambridge mall with a huge pipe -shaped Christmas tree, this abstract design has many advantages. First, such a design more in line with the high-end shopping malls , elegant environment .
  Second, such a design, maximizing the visual appreciation , in the air, metal " branches " , with skylights natural phase, let upstairs , downstairs guest, you can clearly see the tree silver Christmas tree. Third, the abstract design of christmas tree , overstating the crown , let not compete with the passenger space, so Christmas decorations , so a more rational use of space .
" Branches " on the decoration is very simple, mainly silver ornaments based, but white is not a simple light bulb flashes , but orderly On, off , imitating meteor across the image.
  Two-story shopping mall in order to save space , create a festive atmosphere , the use of Christmas decorations Christmas tree is still deformed " branches " which, golden ornaments, plus images mimic meteor shining lights,
  Let the whole store full of romantic atmosphere. Christmas arrangement with different amusement parks , shopping malls and Christmas decorations can not take up too much floor space, so the ornament fixed on the second floor railing, in the air to form a " joy ," the scene of the arrangement, both rational , but also has strong appreciation of nature .
  In Cambridge at another entrance to the mall , the designer uses a lifting approach here has been decorated golden Christmas tree , golden hanging branches, long hanging flashing lights, imitating meteor images Shandong bulbs, tight integration with the environment , and do not occupy any passenger space .
  More prominent in each window position , using a common blue decoration balls plus decorative lights, hanging in front of the window . Throughout 2012 Cambridge mall Christmas decorations , decorated simple, but non- appearance, and overall shopping mall atmosphere is very consistent , and almost no space occupied by any passenger , was very successful .
  In recent years, most of the domestic Christmas, New Year and other holidays of economic development in full swing, if you can pay attention to the domestic mall Christmas decorations , New Year and other holiday decorations , decorated , festive atmosphere to improve the mall , so that consumers will stroll from the psychological shopping malls as part of the festival , so the mall sales will certainly improve. After all, the store to the customer bring visual enjoyment and psychological effects are not always comparable to the electricity supplier .