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Five Steps dressed environmentally Christmas tree

  Beautiful Christmas tree arranged before the tree is the designer canvas. So how can we laid out a beautiful Christmas tree it ? According to following these five steps , you can create a layout for Christmas backdrop environmental compliance Christmas tree .
  First select a full canopy , modeling beautiful trees. If it is a real tree , you need to ensure the full canopy , relatively symmetrical , from bottom to top , width, tapering to form a triangle. If you choose a fake tree , you can create your own look at the shape of the crown : the more alienated hand breaking branches and let them gather some of the .
  After finishing a good canopy shape , you need to prepare a real tree deep reservoir, the tree stored in the reservoir , only in use that day to come up for decoration . Decoration , you must be contact with the trunk portion of the pool clean , then loaded on
  If you have decided to use fake tree , you can consider buying that has been installed in advance
  Wires and lights . Of course you can also buy their own lights and wires, to decorate themselves , but need to remind you that the layout of wires and lights, do not you think so easy, very easy to affect the appearance of uneven layout . So we might as well save this part of the time , to design more critical parts.
  Second, to design a color scheme , the selected accessories color can not be decorated with the environmental conflicts. I recommend for everyone several of the more popular color scheme :
  Red and green with each other is a classic Christmas colors , red on the Christmas tree with ornaments , wreaths and ribbons, gold or silver can be added as an embellishment, and use red, green or colorless lights.
  Christmas tree full bloom in winter to make sense , you can choose cool colors decorations.
  Blue, silver and purple , with sparkling decorations, can mimic the snowy Christmas feeling. If you choose this color, to avoid red, yellow, gold embellishment colors, and the choice of clear or blue bulbs. You can also apply only white and silver decorations , to create a simple , rich sense of the season of Christmas.
  The color is the easiest to control metal color , gold, silver , copper , are very easy to mix , we can use three metallic colors to dress the Christmas tree in one , two or three can also choose to dress the Christmas tree. However, in the light side, be sure to use a transparent colorless light .
  Third, dress up Christmas tree , when the need to highlight a theme , that is, all the decorations , the only prominent one kind . Such as angels , snowflakes, Nutcracker , etc., the rest of the decorations have to do a supporting role , so as to make Christmas decorations seem to have themes.
  Fourth , the selection of bulbs. The color of the bulb , you can consider the second , the bulb pattern , you can do everything you can imagine, choose your favorite pattern , creating a different sense of Christmas decorations .
  Fifth, the purchase of small lights. Tiny little lights like stars decorate , make Christmas tree looks more refined, but it should be noted that the small light is used to adjust the atmosphere , not to make the protagonist , and therefore should not be too bright light bulb .
  Christmas tree decoration is the most important part of the arrangement , therefore , whether it is home or in commercial Christmas decorations Christmas decorations , the Christmas tree dress are in an important position. These principles are applicable in different occasions , the design , layout persons can be based on the above principles, arranged a beautiful Christmas tree.