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  Core philosophy : Let the people have the opportunity to officers , to officers who have stage can do nothing of people standing there treatment. Meritocracy , really only must be used .
  First, the principle of ability and integrity . Selection and use of personnel in accordance with the overall measure , ability and political integrity , insisting that no virtuous is mediocre , talent without virtue is the villain , moral and can be neglected.
  The second is " the effect of " principle. In use them , we do not look at academic ability to see , do not look to see the level of diploma , no matter in what capacity , and what qualifications, what age , as long as Well done, well done than others , outstanding performance , it boldly , entrusted with the responsibility. Currently, the company's technical staff and middle management staff average age is 35 years old , workshop director average age of 30 or so. Although these people are not very old , and some degree is not high, but have the ability, motivation , there are results . We adhere to the " effect theory" employment mechanism , so that a large number of both ability and integrity of talent emerged as the pillars of the development of enterprises .
  Three is the practice of the first principle . " Try to burn three days full of jade , identified only subject to the seven ." Over the years, Tong Xin who to work all kinds of professionals , we are the first to arrange the workshop production line, so that in practice exercises to improve , and then through public examination , merit selection .
  Fourth, the principle of survival of the fittest . In the selection of talent , we achieved from the " horses horses " to " track selected horse " changes, who have done the best we can be reused as a talent ; otherwise , can only be eliminated.
  Fifth, " everyone is a talent " principle. The people who use , eliminating modeling and mystery , so that the people and should , the amount is applicable . As long as the right positions to play the greatest degree of intelligence, is a certain sense of talent . We follow this principle , based on each employee's level of expertise, experience , personality , etc., to arrange to relatively suitable positions, done properly utilized, can do their best to promote the enterprise sustained, rapid and efficient development .