Corporate Culture
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1 Vision
Become healthier, more long-term world-class enterprise.

2, mission
Provide high quality products and services to consumers;

Employees, to create a harmonious working atmosphere of mutual respect;

Business partners to provide fair and reasonable, mutually beneficial cooperation platform;

Shareholders, its investment in the share capital of return higher than the average income of the community.

3, the core values
3.1 duty

· Maintain a sense of balance, and insist on doing the right thing, and strive to do the right things.

The · duty standardize a cooperative attitude with people - I do not make people cheap.

The · this sub is seeking to have the attitude of responsibility when problems first.

3.2 Honesty

· Sincerity, that honesty, and honest, sincere heart inside.

· Letter of promises, disloyal, says it will do, outside the letter in person, even setbacks, to pay the price must adhere to.

· Integrity is a responsibility, guidelines and resources.

3.3 team

· Team success, not individual success.

· Mutual trust, open communication, personal integration into the team, and a shared vision for the highest goal.

· Respect for the value of each employee, employees and company growth, we believe it is our responsibility and pride.

3.4 Quality

· Quality is a pursuit of excellence, is the need to meet customers' needs and satisfaction than its competitors.

· Quality is designed, full care and interlocking systems engineering.

· Continuously improve product quality, which is not only our values, our dignity.

3.5 Continuous Learning

Must become a learning company, "continuous learning" is always on the spur of the company and the employees.

· Actively learn from and the introduction of world class companies have done or ongoing best practices, improve and optimize our management and operational systems.

Sober, never complacent, keep an open mind.

3.6 consumer-oriented

· From the point of view of the consumers to design products, provide services, to avoid doing what looks like consumers like.

Fully studied scientific, rigorous market research, consumer demand, all work to the real needs of consumers for the origin initiated.

Within the company's day-to-day work, it is necessary to adhere to the principles of the internal customer-oriented.

4 Quality Policy
Unremitting progress, to provide completely satisfied with the products and services for users.

5, EHS guidelines
Compliance with laws and regulations, continued to reduce waste to energy conservation, the protection of employees' health and safety, to build green homes.