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Three large shopping malls Year decoration common practices

  The three large supermarkets Year decoration common practices
  During the Spring Festival , which is full of Chinese style mall decorations and decorative design, make the whole supermarkets are immersed in a festive atmosphere . Chinese New Year is not only the most ceremonious traditional festival , but also the entire Chinese people reunion day , during this time , people in all aspects of the substantial increase in consumption will occur . New Year's dinner party, buy a variety of stocking , gifts , need to visit a large supermarket . Meanwhile, all kinds of small supermarkets also miss the Spring Festival this huge business opportunity. But those small but beautiful compared to a small supermarket , supermarkets have a huge advantage , and that is the Spring Festival can be arranged . Supermarket common New Year decorative techniques have the following three ways:
In the traditional Chinese New Year decoration , a lot of decorations , just the same, you can quell the audience . Such decorations are:
  1 Chinese lion . Chinese New Year Lion Dance is a traditional activity , welcomed by the people . Lion there are different north and south , divided into northern and southern lion lion . Both are roughly the same hue , Northern Lion looks more lovely few southern lion looks more abstractly , many supermarkets are made ​​in the New Year period, doll sold in the supermarket . In reality, the supermarket Spring arrangement, the South can use Southern Lion , you can use the Northern Lion Northern . More common method is to Chinese decorative concrete lions arranged in large shelves.
  2 red lanterns . In China 's vast northern region, with the fifteenth day of hanging lanterns custom, red lanterns also symbolizes a festive , therefore , with a row with a full auspicious group consisting of lanterns can also be used to decorate the stocking area.
  3 Chinese dragon. Traditional Chinese dragon totem worship, golden dragon shape decorations, especially with Chinese characteristics . But such atmosphere supermarkets Year decoration , there are basically accounted for one in the limelight , can not be set too .
  4 mascot with modern materials composed of shape . The most decorative art, such as the following makes up by a dragon -shaped decorative sphere , there is a very strong contemporary art, settled in China for foreign supermarkets , it is a good decoration scheme . Many times, people today also like to see a modern interpretation of the traditional approach to the art of the mascot .
The second common supermarket Spring layout method , is our common "stocking Street "-like decor. Purchase of New Year New Year is one of the main purpose of supermarket people will commonly gather together stocking , consumers can easily purchase , can also play a role in increasing sales . How do New Year street decorated it ? Since it is a "stocking street ", we can put into the New Year in the form of a street , the street made ​​using couplets props "gate " effect. The following diagram, for example , this New Year many Chinese street collection elements, including scrolls , lanterns, Chinese drums.
  Using Chinese red lanterns , the character , the red curtain , zodiac chart and couplets, firecrackers and other decorations , set a festive atmosphere filled the venue , and then close the show venue to showcase merchandise, such a layout requires a larger venue for larger venues supermarket , you can usually open a little , consider this less busy place New Year decoration scheme .
  A third supermarket Spring layout method is mainly used to improve the supermarket festive atmosphere , so the volume is not too much decoration , including firecrackers , the character , Chinese knot , etc., with these common red ornaments , repeated in a supermarket appears , can significantly improve the supermarket festive atmosphere.