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New Year and Christmas arrangement arrangement relation

  Once heard a friend lamented , Chinese New Year festival getting no taste , but spread over the Western Christmas  is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the masses becomes important up, he had seemed indignant. I do not deny that , to say something , but ultimately did not say anything .
     Later I thought, sort out some thoughts, I think some parts of our cognitive walked into a dead end , commonly known as drilling a dead end . Then generally hearts , feeling festive disappearance , regarded reasons attributed to the inflow of Western festivals . So in their eyes on Christmas and Chinese traditional festivals had a conflict , or call it competition. So they lived on the side of White Day , April Fool's Day , Christmas, while angry accusations with .
     In fact, I think , in flavor does not disappear , however, the presence of Western festivals also essential .
     Spring Festival last year , returned to his home , the weather was dry and cold as always , there is no trace of a little snow , the Spring Festival and the layout is also a strong sense of my childhood that was exactly the same in those days . Thirty at night , the cold darkness fell, and the distant sky blooming with colorful fireworks , but no sound, familiar and a strong smell of gunpowder filled the streets . Groups of children in the streets chasing, firecrackers, fireworks , playing the whole day. That moment, too familiar to me emotionally. Yes, in flavor as well , but we have it farther and farther away from it. Iron barracks of the soldiers , all just because we mature , with modesty , with responsibility, and festive belongs happy relaxed people, and we are so unhappy , so we lopsided , the opposite.
     Why the presence of Western festivals survive ? Because we , we, the people abandoned by traditional festivals .
     At least in my perception , the Western festival is not so much the limitations , as well as more than a part of our beloved ages of entertainment , romance factor. My friend , on Christmas day confession is also not unusual. Christmas is like one big happy furnished with beautiful Christmas tree , colorful, colorful decorative lights , as well as the magic of Santa's fairy tales , intoxicating whole night in a romantic atmosphere, so a lot of love in this derivative quietly wonderful environment , grow up. So the West is in our favorite festival came in and set down roots .
     Traditional festivals and Western holiday is not really a competitive relationship , the Spring Festival and Christmas these two very important festival is not mutual rivalry , but a complementary and essential by the changing times and derived from a mutual relationship exists .
     So we very happy holidays, New Year , Christmas are arranged neat , festivals , the more the more holidays , so we more happy, do not ask where the festival , be happy .