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Contemporary alternative Christmas tree

  The annual Christmas holiday business will cater to the needs , but determined to carry on Christmas arrangement businesses may find that why they have paid for the same , layout out the effect , but no other family fascinating about it ? Light strings used improperly ? Christmas tree decoration ornate enough ? In fact, in a foreign country is considered to be an art, or art related things . If you want to make a very contemporary Christmas arrangement should not forget that come to mind stereotyped image of a Christmas tree , using some designed according to modern art for decorating a Christmas tree , you may get a better decorative effect, to attract more consumer persons .
  Christmas tree made ​​of cardboard
  Cardboard Christmas tree height can reach one meter , compared with the conventional Christmas tree , it is not only more environmentally friendly , but also more decorative , as long as garland, ribbon , ball , string lights and other decorative objects , you can decorate the effect of . I do not know who can even cardboard Christmas tree painted on the desired pattern , fill in the desired color. This tree is very handy, it is easier to decorate , schools , bookstores or consumption is the main place where children , you can choose this cardboard Christmas tree .
  Metal candle Christmas tree
  This Christmas tree is made ​​of metal , the appearance of fairly modern art style , which mimics concise trunk, branches , and in the " branches " of the top design metal candlestick, natural metallic colors although some cold, but always exudes elegance, modern feel . This design is more suitable for high-end restaurants, hotels , etc., especially at night , as the Fengyun Christmas tree candle , is able to create unique elegant , romantic atmosphere. In fact, the use of metal , abstract design of Christmas trees, large commercial areas in the West are relatively common , it is consistent with the high-end consumers enjoy fun
  Wooden Christmas tree
  Wooden Christmas tree creative ideas and cardboard Christmas tree there are many similarities , different, more solid wooden Christmas tree , if custody is good, can be used repeatedly . Pure wood Christmas tree , also giving a back to nature feel , in some special store, the store can be a good highlight the theme , such as selling pure wood furniture stores. In addition, this wooden Christmas tree is also very suitable for children , parents shop , children's playground , etc., can create a sense of calling .
  Inverted Triangle Christmas Tree
I  n some storefront , designers tend to use the traditional green Christmas tree , but considering the area of ​​operations , but not in other stores and other issues , so many designers hesitant. In fact, we are talking about a Christmas tree full of modern art , not just the use of different materials and earlier , even if the old material, old colors, from the modeling efforts , but also to achieve an unexpected effect . Fengyun inverted triangle Christmas trees, attached with traditional Christmas tree gradually formed the corner of the triangle. However, such a design, do not let the Christmas tree in contact with the ground , but taking up wall space , not only saves floor space for the viewer , the " inverted " the same shape , very post-modern style.
  Of course, to want to do a different, full of modern art Christmas arrangement , certainly can not focus solely on the Christmas tree , a successful Christmas layout design, even seemingly simple , but taking into account the maximum place of business environment and psychological needs of consumers .