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Plant-based decorations, Christmas decorations the best choice hotel

  Near the end , it is the major hotels , restaurants when the force . Many hotels , restaurants ready by the end of Christmas marketing plan , such as the 7th hotel deals , restaurant Double Value Christmas dinner ...... But no matter what kind of marketing content , are inseparable from the corresponding arrangement of the theme of Christmas .
     "Eat" is a major focus of Christmas , so Christmas decorations in the hotel , restaurant christmas decoration, it is necessary to highlight the table decorative details . This will help to bring out the mood and atmosphere of the dining , but also give consumers a reason to eat out during Christmas . Also, unlike other Christmas food Christmas decorations commercial decoration. Not blindly to the atmosphere, romantic, ambitious to give the consumer to create surprise , dining environment can not be too excited. Generally elegant , meticulous, able to embody the theme of food Christmas Christmas is the best arrangement .
     From decorative materials , because the dining table, restaurant is decorated mainly highlight the details , so do not be too exaggerated decoration , to make dining wealthy relaxed, comfortable feeling, most restaurants , hotels, will choose plants or plant simulation . Through the deployment of flower colors, to decorate the table , take the residual area or corner of the restaurant .
     If you choose flowers for Christmas decorations , we must first select a container for the flowers , restaurant can be based on the overall environmental choice ceramic container , or simply use the basket. In floral technically , is generally placed in the center of the largest flower flowers , small flowers on the outer layers divided in height , allowing diners to see all of the flowers. Christmas decorations can then use those flowers do ?
     In fact, Christmas decoration types of flowers and no points, but the color of the flowers can bring the effect was different . The overall environment elegant dining area , you can choose cool colors decorative flowers , if you want to attract the greatest attention , you can choose warm colored flowers , such as red , yellow, and so on. In the choice of flower species , should not single , you can choose several flower as a decorative theme, with a flower -based, other flowers , plants as a supporting role .
     In addition to flowers , the use of artificial flowers to decorate food production area is also good. Although no flowers artificial flowers fragrance , artificial flowers, but they can adapt to maximize the overall style restaurant , with the use of artificial flowers and candles, wood products and other accessories with them, can also be very natural flavor .
     In the flower arrangement in the process, we must pay attention to changes in color vision , and if you choose the multicolored as a decorative theme , it must pay attention to the different shades of color organically with them, which is the warm crimson hottest one color, with flowers or other ornaments with , the general can only twelve .
     Not only flowers , plants can be used as a dining area decorated Christmas decorations , fruit can also be used as decorations appear in the dining area , dining area, fruit decoration not only meet the decorative theme , but also to bring healthy dining area , refreshing taste experience .
     After this some decorative details , either hotel or restaurant , dining area there is a greater atmosphere will soon change . Although people love to eat, wallet bulging later , especially during the holiday season , people are out to eat mainly eat atmosphere , through such decoration, even though the menu has not changed, the same customer will feel very fresh.

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