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Christmas outdoor decorations five small way

Now the city , not only has a large commercial complex , and some attached around the bustling commercial district , a small but beautiful to attract the eye of stores, such as coffee shop , restaurant, box store , tailor shop , children's stores , etc. . These store specific consumer groups like opening the door very particular characteristics . In the lively during Christmas , at the end of people's money on the occasion , the shop was small , but we can not lose the characteristics, you can refer to Westerners commonly used for outdoor Christmas decorations way to decorate the shop door. Outdoor Christmas decorations "Outdoor Christmas Decorations"
    Creative gingerbread houses . Gingerbread house during Christmas Westerners do a food , it looks a little house , the material is cookies and cream , not only beautiful dream , the children are very happy to eat it . How to dress up your storefront into a gingerbread house too ? First, figure drawings sketched out storefront , window , windows, door frames, roof height, width , in order to use lights that will decorate these places together . Buy a few giant lollipops, fixing them in the door , the walls , a clear theme gingerbread house dress . When darkness fell , when your " gingerbread house " will be very brightly oh.
    " Gingerbread House " Christmas decoration Comments: playful and full of very suitable for children to patronize the stores .
    2 giant version of the conventional Christmas decorations . Common Christmas decorations include green door knocker , decorative balls and red ribbons and so on. These things look very ordinary , but if these ornaments become enlarged version , the effect immediately different. In fact, this use is to break the inertia of thinking people the way to achieve eye-catching results : If you zoom into the small ant elephant is so big, you certainly will be shocking eye . Decoration method is very simple, in the green dress with around doors and windows , hung on the door knocker relatively coarse plants , flowers decorate available , can also be used to make a red ribbon ribbon flowers. Symmetrical position at the door put two basins larger green plants, pots directly into two huge decorative balls.
    3 at the door put a decorative sled . If the stores pursuit of simplicity , creativity , you can choose to put an old-fashioned sleigh at the door , through a simple decoration to deliver to the people the message of Christmas . This decorative method is simple , but the sled is to be decorated . We can use green bell spruce and other ornaments or plants to decorate , green plants can add some red decorations, such as red bow, red fruit , you can also add some sparkling decorations.
    4 A pair of old ice skates . Vintage skates represents nostalgia, retro , hanging in the door , it is very simple . How this pair of vintage ice skates used to decorate it ? You can put some shoes mouth charming little gift box , highlight the festive atmosphere , but also the shoes can also add some spherical, star-shaped decorations, it looks more refined .
Vintage Christmas decoration method skates Review: Rustic , very suitable for retro-themed sub ​​shop , such as retro-style brand clothing store , gift shop.
    Five . " Christmas snow" decor. People are always very concerned about the first snow fall of the time , pretty snowflakes, Christmas is also a common ornament with snowflake ornaments to decorate the door, romantic and beautiful . Buy several snowflake shape stickers, due snowflake stickers very light weight, so the layout of the form can be very much. You can use the flashing lights on the doors on both sides , set off snowflakes.
    "Snow" Christmas decoration method Comments : beautiful, simple materials , more suitable for women often visit the shop.

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